On-Site Garden Educator Training


Seed-to-Table Workshops
at your garden


Are you looking to: 

1. Get tips on classroom management in the garden;
2. Find activities to explore this unique space;
3. Learn the basics of cultivating a garden and
4. Use the harvest to expand kids’ exposure to good and healthy food?


Look no further.  

We will come to you!  Slow Food Denver’s Seed -to-Table program is offering 3 on-site workshops – 90 minutes of practical knowledge and activities to use in your outdoor classroom, aka the garden.  And just so the grumblings in your tummy don’t distract you, we will provide burritos compliments of Chipotle Mexican Grill.  The cost you ask?  FREE!


Observation, Exploration and Classroom Management in the School Garden:  No gardening here, rather taking advantage of the work of others who are providing your school with a unique teaching tool.  Activities are designed to encourage learning by observation and exploration.

Gardening 101 – The nuts and bolts (or seeds and stakes) of maintaining a garden:  A black thumb no more!  Learn how to plan, plant, water, weed, harvest and more with your class. This is for teachers and garden team volunteers alike.

Taste Education: Developing the foundation for good food appreciation with samplings and simple garden preparations:  Isn’t that why we garden, to eat and enjoy?  Expose your students to the beauty and bounty of the harvest and help them develop a life-long appreciation of what it means to eat well. You will be learning about taste education, use of kitchen tools and simple “cooking” activities that may or may not involve heat.

Schedule one of these workshops after school for staff and volunteers.  Maybe invite a neighboring school that also has a garden to attend?  First, assess interest of teaching staff and volunteers.  If there are sufficient numbers (approx. 10), let’s do it!

Workshops will be offered Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday afternoons throughout the school year. Please contact Allie Molinda at allie@slowfooddenver.org to schedule either the Observation, Exploration and Classroom Management in the School Garden, or Gardening 101.