Lil’ Sprouts Online Cooking Classes

Cooking from the Garden has gone virtual!

Lil’ Sprouts seasonal online youth cooking classes can be an opportunity for the entire family to get involved in cooking meals together, or it can be an activity to keep children entertained and learning while parents are busy going about their day.

Each week we will dive into a different cultural cuisine and children will develop new kitchen skills. Throughout this program students will cultivate an ease navigating through their own kitchen, broaden their taste preferences, and gain confidence in cooking and preparing meals not only for themselves but for the entire family.

Expect your child to leave this program with an increased interest in fresh fruits and vegetables, an overall healthier relationship with food, and a new found joy in creating and sharing meals with others.

Food is best when shared with loved ones!

While classes are a bit different than when we are in person, we are continuing to help kids and students develop a healthier and more intimate relationship with food. 

Summer Classes:

We are offering bi-weekly classes for kids to continue their learning during the summer months. Click below to sign up!

Fall Program:

Our Fall program is offered through weekly virtual classes in 5-week and 10-week sessions. Class dates and times include:

Wednesdays at 3:00pm MST with Chef Nikki 

Sept 16 – Oct 14 (5-week session / $80)

Sept 16 – Nov 18 (10-week session / $150)

Thursdays at 4:15pm MST with Chef Lilly

Sept 17 – Oct 15 (5-week session / $80)

Sept 17 – Nov 19 (10-week session / $150)

Scholarship options available – please email Annie at

Lil' Sprouts Fall Program Curriculum

Week 1: Pesto Pasta with a fresh tomato sauce 

Learn how to make classic pesto (and the many fresh ingredients you can combine to make future pesto!), as well as homemade fresh tomato sauce to serve over pasta. 

Week 2: Rice Paper Summer Rolls w/ marinated cucumbers and peanut sauce 

Make your own garden summer rolls using crisp, in-season vegetables and fresh herbs – chopping lots of veggies and tasting as we go! Served with a peanut or sun butter dipping sauce. 

Week 3: English Muffin Pizzas with green salad and dressing 

Simple pizzas become your own with a homemade sauce spread on an english muffin or pita bread with your own unique toppings. While it bakes, taste salad greens and whisk up a homemade salad dressing to complete the meal.  

Week 4: Taco Night 

Make your own veggie tacos with a sauté of vegetables, seasoned beans, and fresh homemade salsa. 

Week 5: Dessert – Pumpkin Pancakes w/ chia jam – using different flours + toppings 

Happy Fall! Kick off the season with fluffy pumpkin pancakes learning to use different types of flours! Throw some chocolate chips or cacao nibs into the batter and pair it with a chia jam for an extra sweet topping. 

Week 6: Popcorn two ways – Savory herb salt + Sweet honey butter/ chocolate

Learn how to make your own microwave or stovetop popcorn! Make a quick herb salt for a savory topping and a sweet honey butter for a sweet topping. 

Week 7: Pumpkin Soup + Pumpkin mug cake 

Celebrate Fall’s favorite squash with one savory and one sweet dish that can be enjoyed on Halloween night. 

Week 8: Pupusas or Arepas with curtido 

Learn how to make savory stuffed corn cakes, a Central American staple. Quick pickle some veggies to go alongside! 

Week 9: Creamy Pasta with cauliflower or butternut squash 

Practice making a creamy pasta dish that sneaks in vegetables, so that even your parents won’t be able to tell! 

Week 10: Dessert – Applesauce + Apple Crisp, mason jar whipped cream 

Get ready for Thanksgiving by exploring two ways to prepare apples. Students will make applesauce and put together and bake an apple crisp. While apples are cooking, learn an easy way to make homemade whipped cream! 

Please email Annie at with any questions.