Slow Food School Garden Curriculum

Full curriculum available for download from Slow Food USA!

Below are some highlights and quick links to get you started!

  1. Use these Quick Lessons to get your students out in the garden.
  2. Plant Cultivation includes spring gardening and cooking activities, as well as charts that help you plan your season, learn plant families and plant botany. The Colorado Cultivation Table will help you decide your planting schedule.
  3. Sensory Education shows you how to lead activities revolving around the five basic flavors and senses. Use the Greens Poster to help identify and compare the different families of greens.
  4. Using Tools demonstrates the use of simple tools in transforming raw ingredients to traditional dishes. It includes lessons on using flour mills, mortar and pestles, rolling pins and food mills, with recipes for tamales, noodles, pesto and more.
  5. The International Cooking Program includes 12 garden related lessons of food from around the world. Lessons include suggested books, games, maps and recipes from each country. Great for an after school or summer program.
  6. These Journal Pages will give you a structure for tasting lessons, observations, cooking and gardening activities.
  7. The Light Table Guide gives you directions on how to build an inexpensive light table from a hardware store.